THE TENTH DAY - Operation Protective Edge

Ninth day (July 16): four children on the beach and a nursing home.
Tenth day (17): hospital El Wafa and ground attacks start.

Although it was already clear, now the rage is absolute, infinite. Sure there are differences between Nazism and Zionism, but at this moment they are irrelevant. The authorities from the State of Israel and those who applaud them are soulless criminals. So are those who show them their "unconditional support". So are those who merely express their "deep concern" although they can provide the means to stop the genocide. So are those who look away and keep on "forging ties" with the institutions of a terrorist State.
Enough is enough. Total, indefinite and relentless BOYCOTT!
If we do not react en masse, in unison, awakening from this stupid anaesthesia that makes us more miserable day by day, we might be participating in a collective punishment that goes charred corpses. We might lose the last opportunity to show that this society, our society, deserves to stay alive. We cannot consider ourselves “humans” without this love for our peers that pushes us to despise their murderers, express our solidarity with their grief and commit ourselves to their struggle, which is that of all humanity.
To Javier Solana, Apostle of war and terror of the Balkans: Still worried about the outbreak of a Third Intifada? Do you have enough with 260 corpses or should we reach 1,400 as in Operation Cast Lead?
To the Spanish Foreign Minister, Knight of the Crusades: Who did you ask for "prudence" to, those who have already killed 260 Palestinians? Or a million and a half Gazans resisting ethnic cleansing?
To Ban Ki moon, the Great World Circus: Do you have any difficulty in sleeping at night? How does it feel to work in the more ridiculously lethal office in this planet?
To Benjamin Netanyahu: What makes the difference between you and Sharon, Olmert, Golda Meir, Ben Gurion, Pinochet, Kissinger or many other mass murderers?
To the merchants of mass media: Equidistance is the best way to abandon the victims, as you all know. Is a wedding interrupted by a Qassam rocket more "newsworthy" than the genocide against Palestinian people?
To the Israeli soldiers and reservists: "the first solution is the withdrawal from all the occupied territory. The second is the restoration to the Palestinian people of all their rights [...] that it is not a religious conflict, it is a political problem [...] you are enemies" –these are a Jewish Palestinian’s words.
To the subjects of the Spanish State, faithful friend of Zionism: sport, cultural and artistic events, academic projects, scientific collaboration, business plans, tourism, preferential agreements, consumption products with code #729...